This is library of the makeups on myself.
Everybody knows that a practice is more important in our whole life. So, I use my face to wear makeup as well, in order to be the best make up artist:-)
My favourite part of the face are eyes , I try to focus attention on them and make sure, that they don't need correction during a day or night.
The shape of the eyes should be the indication to choose the type of makeup. The women with droopy and hoody eyes can wear stronger eyes makeup even during the day, because the larger part of its will be hidden.
Also foundation is neccesary, equalizes colour of the face , corrector masks imperfections. Contouring, highlighting and blushing give effect 3-D on the face. Lipstick draws a glance.
If the makeup is done properly then the women feel  beautiful and more confident. It helps them to build self-esteem.